Cleaning text — we’re not talking about taking out bad language

It often occurs that when you’re editing your website and you copy/paste text from a Word document, or any other source, things can get messed up in the formatting – cleaning text can help. This is due to some background code coming across with the text and in the background it’s causing havoc. It’s best to “clean” the text before it’s pasted.

Using Notepad on Windows:

I recommend to do the following. Use Notepad to ‘clean’ the text.

The process:

Find Notepad — Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad

  1. Open the web page and relevant Divi editor grey box you wish to paste into.
  2. Find the page/document you want to copy fromSelect the text and Copy.
  3. Open Notepad and Paste your text which will turn it into simple text and strip it of almost all styling information.
  4. Select this new simplified text in Notepad and Copy again.
  5. Paste the new simplified text  into your Plone page.

Using TextEdit on Mac

On Mac you can use text edit. Paste the text in a new document then go to menu and choose Format > Make Plain Text.

General Rule

The general rule is that if you make a mess (it happens!) just close the website editor window and don’t save. Reopen and start again.

Here are links to a couple of useful blog posts which cover some routines to clean your text: