This gorgeous poppet monty will be heading back up to cairns on Monday. He is only a puppy and has had neck surgery a few weeks ago to remove a lump compressing his spinal cord and stabilise his upper neck by Dr Clarke . Monty has had lots of problems with increased tone after surgery and is only now regaining some functional movement and use of his legs. He has difficulty bending the legs especially the back ones so we have been doing intensive Physio inhouse at north coast vet specialists to help mobilise his spine, release the tone and improve his function in key positions of drop and sit. He cannot stand or walk at present but this will come. It is difficult to get him to move his head to the left. The underwater treadmill more recently has helped a lot to regain some voluntary movement before he goes home and his owners will start some swimming once home with a vest. As he is from far away we are doing the best to set up a program with the help of videos to enable the owners to continue this work and give him the best option for quality of life long term. He has progressed beautifully in the last week so we wish him all the best and look forward to updates as we go through progressing this program with the help of technology. All the best monty you will be missed but we are happy for you that you are finally going home!