When it comes to a logo design project it’s not always a brand spanking new logo that is required. Often we’re asked to work with existing brands and that requires a different approach and process.

Here’s an outline of the various types of logo design projects we can help with:

New Logo Design – designed from scratch for a new, or existing, company or product

Logo Rework – developing a new logo for an existing company or product, which needs to be significantly different to the existing logo, but hold some visual connection to the old logo

Logo Refresh – a ‘freshen up’ of an existing logo. Using various design strategies we’d aim to breath new life into a tired or somewhat dated looking logo

Logo Redraw – logo master files missing or just can’t be located? We can recreate your existing logo and supply master files (we would provide a quote based on the complexity)

Logo Doctor – a consultation or ‘health-check’ for your existing logo. We would give our professional advice on the need for any of the above services

Contact us for further explanation or a quote on any of these services.