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Do you need ‘branding’?

Existing business or a shiny new start up—if you’re in business you’ll need to consider branding. Visual branding is where I can help.

Once you have a clear idea of your business goals and strategies, visual branding can be developed to echo your brand’s DNA. This usually starts with a professionally designed logo—preferably alongside the development of visual assets: corporate colours, fonts, layout and design style.

Ultimately, this ensures you’re putting across a professional image that helps to build recognition and trust.




Elements of branding

Let’s break it down 

  • Brand strategy: an in-depth exploration and plan to define your purpose, and how you aspire for your organisation to be perceived. Your actual “brand” is the response from the marketplace—how your organisation is perceived in the mind of anyone who has any level of awareness of your organisation
  • Logo: and any variants of the logo
  • Typography: typefaces/fonts and their guidelines
  • Colours: colour palette, combinations, usage
  • Graphic Design: design themes, templates, guidelines
  • Illustration styles
  • Photography styles

The full “persona” of a brand encapsulates all and every single point of contact with a brand—products, messaging (online, tv, radio, print), word of mouth referrals. An almost endless list.

The point being, try to control all aspects of your visual branding, with consistency.


branding SERVICES

Some key areas Charcoal Design helps to build brands

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Stationery: Business card, letterhead—design + print
  • Brochures / flyers
  • Advertisements
  • Signage: Interior / Building / Vehicle
  • Packaging design, artwork, print
  • Uniforms
  • Promotional items: pens, banners, flags
  • Exhibitions / Trade Shows: visual communication
  • Social Media Graphics and Post Designs

And that is a brief overview. It will depend on your organisation as to what elements are required.

You may be getting various items produced by different suppliers. It is vital that there is some form of Brand Guidelines in place to ensure consistency in the production of brand collateral.


Brand review

It’s possible your current branding may not be working as well as it could. I can provide a brand review to discover any weak areas or inconsistencies that need attention to ensure your visual brand is rock solid.

  • Brand review
  • Recommendations for brand development

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