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Starting a business, taking over an existing one, or revamping an established brand all require different approaches to branding. Whether you’re embarking on a new venture, taking over an existing business, or rejuvenating an established one, each scenario demands a tailored branding strategy.

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I’m creating categorised information and packages aimed at “you”. The goal being that it’ll simplify the process of getting started with your branding project.

In the mean time, if you have any questions, please drop me a line at [email protected]

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Brand new:

For businesses just starting out the focus is on crafting a brand identity from scratch. This involves developing a unique brand name, logo, and messaging that resonates with the target audience.


For businesses undergoing a minor shift in direction or target audience, a brand refresh may be in order. This involves making subtle updates to the brand identity, such as refining the logo, updating the color palette, or adapting the messaging to better reflect the evolving brand.


For businesses seeking to maintain relevance and adapt to changing market trends, regular brand updates are essential. This involves keeping the brand identity consistent while incorporating minor changes, such as updating the website design or refreshing the marketing materials.


For businesses facing significant challenges or experiencing a decline in brand perception, a brand rework may be necessary. This involves a more substantial overhaul of the brand identity, potentially including a new logo and brand identity to reposition the brand in the market.


For businesses with a strong brand foundation, a fine-tuning approach may be most appropriate. This involves making incremental adjustments to the brand identity to optimise its effectiveness and enhance its appeal to the target audience.

Your biz

Does your business fit one of the above? What’s your branding challenge? Please shoot me a message at [email protected]


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