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Imagine your brand as a familiar face in the crowd. Customers are more likely to choose a brand they recognise and trust.

By investing in branding, you’re essentially building your business’s personality.

The logos {by Charcoal Design} below cover a range of business types around Australia. What do they have in common? The fact that they’re all unique. Each one represents a business with a striving to be top of mind to their customers.

HG Homes Logo
DCE Sales Management Consulting
logo design australia
Australian Philharmonic Orchestra Logo
naz mulla photography
stonehouse cafe
MGF Master Painters Brisbane Logo
Bespoke Brows logo design Gold Coast
mortgage connection - brisbane logo design
dickson renovations

Just how important is your logo?

Your logo might be someone’s first contact with your business — their very first impression. In a split second they may make a decision purely based on your logo. That’s a massive opportunity to make an impact with a smart, memorable logo design.

Refine your logo design & branding

Logo Design Australia – by Charcoal Design

The key to logo “greatness”

Firstly, in my mind, greatness (aka awesomeness) is a logo that’s a perfect fit for your exact business.

A key, let’s say critical, ingredient is the time and energy you invest in the creative brief — clarifying insights into your business. This serves as the ‘fuel’ for me to develop a relevant, strategic, and creative direction.

It’s not a walk in the park, and it’s definitely worth getting the process right.

End result: a logo that is the perfect fit for your business and will help ignite engagement with your target market.

— Michael